3D printing soil buildings?

Imagine you can construct a building from the soil, fibres and waste materials of your farmland. Imagine you can form it in any shape you want. Imagine you can do this today. What would you build? Start turning your imagination into reality because rapid advances in large-scale 3D printers that utilize ubiquitously available materials mean that these dreams are achievable. Crane WASP The Infinity 3d printer is a modular collaborative 3D printing system. WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project) was initiated by Massimo Moretti, founder of Centro Sviluppo Progetti in 2012. It reinterprets the classic building cranes from a digital manufacturing point of view.’ The crane infrastructure itself is modular enabling the printing of structural and high insulation walls using cement, bio-cement or natural doughs of soil and fibre in single modules of up to 6.6m diameter and 3m high.

WASP 3D printed soil wall 2

WASP 3D printed soil wall 4

WASP 3D printed soil wall

A prototype structure, Gaia, was constructed in 2018 using soil mixed with straw and inserting waste food (rice husks) as insulation in the cavities of the hollow matrix walls. A demonstration of the technologies of the WASP and other 3D printing precision architecture technologies is taking place on 6-7th October 2018 at the Viaggio-a-Shamballa weekend in Massa Lombarda (RA) at Ex-Chiesa del Carmine, Italy.

If you are intrigued you might want to explore other initiatives and visions of precision architecture by 3D printing, including, d-shape, Emerging Objects, IAAC and Xtree who all feature in the Viaggio-a-Shamballa event.

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